The BP Challenge

Atta, Seafieldians!

Let’s take up the BP Challenge! Raise the school name!

On the list of activities that students can take part are:

1. Carbon Challenge – How well do you know about the carbon footprint we leave behind in our everyday activities? Let’s conserve and preserve our environment! See Pn Ooi HL for more information.

2. Trading Games – Learn the trade and make your first million in this exciting game selling oil stocks. You don’t take the risk, you don’t make nothing. See Pn Tey ST for participation.

3. Essay and Karangan Writing – Now, this is an opportunity for every Seafieldian to put their pens to paper and ‘sell’ your ideas on how to keep this world green and blue. You need to be real convincing, you know, to get people to take action. See your BM and English teachers for more info.

4. Notice Board – Now, those who are into artwork and deco can really help Pn Tah ML to decorate the notice board we have put up in Block A, first floor, outside the staffroom. This notice board will have info on the BP challenge and news on our progress, and pleas for participation and what else.

5. Mascot – Yes, we need a mascot to cheer us on in this Challenge. Anyone out there who can create a cute mascot? You know, we will even sew up the costume and dress one of us up. See Pn Ng SL if you have ideas.

6. Solar Boat Race – Yes, this is the F1 of Boats Race. I know there are aspiring scientists and engineers out there among you. So come and help design and build the Seafield Solar Racer! See Pn Dziatul if you can help.

7. Blogging – Yes, this is the blog you are reading now. Please do write in your comments and give us good ideas. Visit us often to know what we are doing. Maybe you can even help me decorate this blog. Either see me, Mr Gan or Pn Adidah, for great blogging experience. Of course, you can write in Malay or even Chinese and Tamil.

So, how about it? Need more information? Then see Pn Loy JJ or Pn Poh BL to get involved.



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