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Oh no! Not another essay!

   When I first saw the essay title on the blackboard, I felt my head getting heavier and a wave of frustration passed through me! I was extremely frustrated as I already had so little time to prepare for my exams which was a week away. However, I made a mental note to myself that I’ll finish the essay as fast as I could so that I could concentrate on my studies. During my free time, I sacrificed watching tv and went online to find certain statistics and obtain a rough idea on how to approach the essay. Finally I finished my essay and realised it was pretty beneficial after all. I realised there were so many ways to control our climate change that I haven’t thought of before!

                                                      (Someeta – 4 Budi)

   Climate change? Essay? Our mid year exam is just around the corner and it’s making me go haywire. My first thoughts were- nobody in the right frame of mind will even bother to complete it. Truth be told, this is an ultimately dry and cliche topic, as if writing an essay on it would make any difference. However, after doing a little research on the net, my initial thoughts on climate change had changed 180 degrees. Sometimes even small things can make big changes. Being aware of the causes of climate change and how it affects us in the long run made me realize the drastic measures that need to be taken to prevent further climate change.

                                                   – Toh Shi-Tuan

Better start writing the essay, the teacher is hovering over me..

do you think I'll win?

No need to be so serious... it is only another essay..

4 Responses

  1. Apabila saya menulis esei ini, saya menyedari betapa pentingnya usaha individu dalam menyelamatkan bumi kita daripada anasir kemusnahan. Sebagai penghuni, kita seharusnya peka terhadap isu-isu alam sekitar atas kesyukuran terhadap kurniaan Tuhan yang berharga.
    Yeo Xin Jie (3B)

  2. Pertandingan ini sedikit sebanyak telah memberi kesedaran kepada para pelajar tentang betapa besarnya akibat yang akan dihadapi jika masalah ini tidak diberi perhatian.
    Muhammad Shakir 1Damai

  3. Although I felt so stressed up when I was required to hand in my essay in two weeks time, I managed to learn more about global warming by surfing through the internet. I also have a better understanding on how we as individuals manage to make a difference in protecting the Earth against global warming. Thanks to this essay, I gain more knowledge on the ways to improve our environment and make it a better place for mankind to live in.

  4. I should say that i gained plentiful knowledge about global warming , thanks to this comp……

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