Where has our mascot gone?

Did you see our mascot anywhere around? He (or maybe she) was last seen around the vicinity of the school’s fish pond. Why the fish pond? Maybe it has something to do with sea fields.

I can’t draw you a mugshot of our mascot because I’m neither an artist nor have I seen it myself. So Seafieldians, we need your help. If you saw the mascot, or think that you saw it, can you please, please make a rough sketch of how our mascot looks like and send it to Pn Ng SL (or Pn Loy). The successful sketch design will win a ‘reward’.

Some clues as to what our mascot’s like: he (she) is an environment and conservation freak. Looks so cute, you just want to pinch it’s cheeks. Yet, don’t let that look take you in. Our mascot’s witty and also fun to be with. So there, take out your drawing pens and sketch us a mascot!


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