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Take notice!

The notice board, being an eye-catchy place, is visited frequently by the students. Announcements and notices about the latest events and happenings are always been put up there – including the BP MyScience Project 2010. This notice is to make the students aware of the programs which are going to be carried out under this project, and participate actively in these activities. Carbon challenge, trading game, essay-writing competition, solar boat race, mascot, blog, notice board and recycling are among the activities which will be carried out.
Of course, to attract students’ attention, contributions from students are welcomed to design the layout of the notice board using their creativity. Students are encouraged to make use of recyclable items to design the notice board. Anyone who is interested to contribute can contact the teacher-in-charge: Pn Tah M.L.

A view of our noticeboard

2 Responses

  1. Wow! Imagine what? I have never noticed this noticeboard in school before this. Unbelievable!!! Or maybe I am too busy to notice. I am so sorry and I promise I will take a look at it the next time I pass through the staffroom.

  2. This noticeboard is in the staffroom? I’m sorry but i seldom give attention to the noticeboard in school…..

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