What’s BP myScience all about?

 The main objective in BP my Science Project is to inspire Malaysian students in science. BP my Science Project is organised to make learning of science fun and interactive as science is a wide range of study. Next, this program is held to create an awareness on environmental issues. As we all know that the Earth is now sick and ill, it will be great if we do our part so that our future generation will be able to enjoy the resources like what the past had did it for us.

   The objective that can also be found in this program is to promote preservation and conservation of the environment. Preservation and conservation are both important to develop our Earth and the environment around us into a better status. Besides that, BP my Science Project is done to encourage students to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is better to encourage students to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle now because as time goes on, students are able to be use to it. Moreover, by adopting an environmentally friendy lifestyle, students are able to have a healthy and better lifestyle than before.

   BP myScience Project is a three-element education programme from BP targeting students from both primary and secondary schools in Malaysia organized by BP and KPM. One of the element in this program is School Link. School links are connections that connect BP Educational Services science modules into science clubs programs and activities into participating schools. Next, Carbon Challenge is also one of the element and games that can be found in this program. Carbon Challenge is a science based talk sessions at school by public figures from goverment bodies, Science Centre, Non-goverment organisations ( NGOs ), celebrities, BP specialists and others to promote science awaerness to students. The element that is last but not least in this program is Sembang Sains. As for Sembang sains, it is a climate change awareness and action plans proposal to promote energy optimization efforts to help reduce operating cost and promote environmentally friendlier lifestyle.


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  1. BP My Science is indeed an educational programme! It not only makes learning of Science and Maths in a more creative way, but it also exposes the students to the carbon footprints, impacts and choices of reduction. Thus, students become the agent of change who eventually lead a more environmental friendly lifestyles.

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