Global Warming

Life as we know it, is on it’s brink of oblivion. We are all about to be  swallowed up into a ball of darkness and we shall cease to exist.  Gratitude can be sent to our friend “Mr. Global Warming”. In conjunction with the BP myScience project, two students Yeo Xin Ying and Ngu Ee Ling have came up with a brochure to raise awareness on global warming, being a couple of smart alecs. So go right ahead and read their brochure. An advice from a wise man….. unless you intend to drool on the keyboard skip this brochure and go to ours……. Jon and Mel.. ftw =)


3 Responses

  1. Haha… I really can’t imagine my brochure is uploaded in this webpage! I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank Pn. See for giving me this task. Through this activity, I am able to understand more about the daily activities that contribute to global warming, which is a rise in the temperature in the atmosphere.

  2. i’m so surprise to see this brochure in this webpage…This is a good activity because by doing the brochure, we get to learn more about the pollution of earth.

  3. Well done , your message was clear enough for even an absent minded person like me to understand haha

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