Let’s save our planet

As part of the BP Science project , two  form 4 EST students namely Melisa and Jonathan produced a rather interesting brochure on global warming. In this informative brochure , they have succeeded in their attempt to create an eye opener about an environmental issue that has taken the world by storm , global warming .


10 Responses

  1. great job guys!!!keep up da good work! n john dont take da credit 4 wat mel did=)

  2. I like the how the brochure is colorful and creative in a way. The mind map is rather interesting and the pictures put some life into the brochure.

  3. in my opinion,this brochure has been done very well.i have read the information and i find it very thorough and beneficial.the pictures are very colourful and eye-catching.personally,among the six parts of the brochure,i find the mind map the best part.it is a good way to for students to get the general idea of the theme of the brochure.jonathanand melisa did a really good job 🙂 🙂

  4. I love this brochure! 😀 It was really informative and I learned a lot from it. Now I really understand how global warming works and it’s made me more aware of the devastating effects of global warming. Jonathan and Melissa did an AWESOME job! 😀

  5. Well from my point of view I feel that this brochure is an eye opener to many of us who have read it !!! lately many of us don’t realise how much of damage we have been doing to the earth !!! All we do is throw rubbish everywhere…just like what En Selva said in todays assembly “you throw rubbish everywhere except the dustbin!!”.Well I guess I have to agree with him.All we do is just throw rubbish everywhere.. instead we should recycle all the rubbish we were to throw like paper and plastic bottles.This way we can prevent global warming just like what the brochure by melisa and jon is about… Great job guys ! This can help many of us realise what damage and how much of damages we are doing to our precious planet… Great work guys!!!

  6. i love the brochure! 😀 it is very very informative. GREAT JOB GUYS! 🙂 would hope we have more of this assignment, to raise awareness among us, childrens

  7. After reading the brochure, I learnt a lot from it. The earth is really getting hotter and I hope that we can solve this problem. Other than that, the brochure is really interesting with the colours and this really attracts my attention to read it. Plus, the brochure is really informative. Good Job Guys! it is really an amazing poster! =)

  8. I FREAKING love this brochure!!! I’m really impressed at how you all did it when i compared it to mine.i’m really attracted to it because it is very informative and colourful.GREAT JOB GUYS KEEP IT UP!!!

  9. That’s a lovely poster ^^

  10. A good brochure that is.This could help people out there to realize what they are actually doing, and perhaps could help to save this Earth as well.

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