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Buy, Sell or Hold?

   The blazing sun did not deter the spirits of the forty ever jovial form four students of SMK Seafield  from BP who were set to carry out the ‘Trading Game’.  A hush filled the crowd as Mr Zulkifli Othman and his colleagues entered the room.

   The two dashing young men from British Petroleum really did a commendable job as they swept the members of the floor off their feet with their immense sense of humour. Nevertheless their attempt to create awareness of the importance of taking care of Mother Earth was not a vain one. This was done through a certain ‘Trading Game’ in which the students who were divided into teams of four and were made to think analytically to raise the highest amount of profit through trading of crude oil virtually.

   At the end of the three gruelling rounds of trading only one team stood proudly as the overall winners of the game. The team that emerged as the victor consisted of Kaelan Ong , Faris Aiman , Ong Tze Loon and Jonathan Wong who were more than pleased with their achievement. The winners were generously rewarded with book vouchers on behalf of British Petroleum. On another note, the dedication of the much loved teachers of SMK Seafield sparkled as Mr. Gan K.J , Mrs. Loy J.J and Mrs. Tey S.T were present providing moral support and motivation to their students in hopes of creating aspiring leaders in this savvy nation.

  In a nutshell , the ‘Trading Game’ organised by British Petroleum was a success indeed . Kudos.

2 Responses

  1. The trading game itself was fun indeed, but I however failed to see how it taught us students to care for the environment.

    I who participated in the game taught the game was fun, and it taught us to take chances, analyse situations correctly, and to grab the right opportunities when they came our way, but creating awareness of the importance of taking care of Mother Earth? Not so much.

  2. Well , it was rather interesting as we as students really did get the chance to test our enterpreneuring skills however I have to agree with Justin , the creating awareness part was lacking.

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