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Quiz me yeah!

On 3rd June 2010, BP representatives came to SMK Seafield and gave a presentation to 50 students regarding the Carbon Challenge. They started it off by introducing themselves, their company and the history of it.

 After all the introductions, their presenter, Encik Zulkifli Othman wasted no time getting to the main topic which was about carbon footprints and ways to reduce it. During the quiz, the questions and answer choices was projected on a screen and the students had to choose their answers using a small device with buttons that is able to send information to the main computer. Our school managed to score 100% for 2 questions out of 5.

 Next, BP conducted a survey with the students to check what students all around the world think about pollution, climate change and global warming. They also taught them how they as individuals can make a difference. The students also learned about the causes and the effects of global warming.

The students have benefited through this program. They all thanked Encik Zulkifli and the other two representatives from BP. BP gave the students some souvenirs: a BP pen and a book about the environment.


What the students say:

 Loong Kuan : I felt that the initiative from BP to educate the students about global warming is a very responsible thing to do and we should also follow BP’s example of educating young ones about the environment and global warming. BP has also inspired me to be more responsible to the environment and try to prevent the effects of global warming from worsening.

 Pei Er : I felt that this was a memorable experience for me. The interesting facts about the environment and climate change caught my attention fully. I hope that next year or the time following, will have another talk as awesome as this one.

 Li Jie : Through this science quiz which was organized by BP, I had learned more about carbon footprints. They had taught me many ways to reduce carbon emissions to save Mother Earth.

 Jer Ying : I’ve learnt more about carbon footprint and how to preserve our environment through this program. I’ve known that we must reduce the pollution and I’ll try my best to reduce it.

 Brandon : I’ve learnt a lot of interesting facts about the environment and I will try to make a difference.

 Beatrice : I’ve pick up a lot of new and interesting information about how we can reduce global warming. I hope I can make a change to the environment in the future.

 Jia Hui : I’ve learnt many things about carbon footprint and how to preserve our environment. I have learnt ways to take care of our world from the damage that is done by human beings.

 Izlyn : I’ve learnt so many stuff during the talk. Encik Zulkifli told us how we can preserve our environment. He also asked us to recycle and save our Earth for our next generations.

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