A Little Lesson

We have all read about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and we have been clasping our hands in prayer that the ordeal may be over very, very soon. The environmental disaster is not going to be good for the animal and sealife there. So, we thought to include a little piece here about marine pollution. Here’s the piece below from some of our students:


6 Responses

  1. That’s Aik Hui’s brochure right? It’s lovely!!

  2. It’s a very informative brochure and pretty attractive too. I think you guys can go start making brochures professionally!

  3. All of us know that pollution are cause by us-human being, but the pollution never stops.

    • It is true that pollution are indeed caused by human beings, but the pollution CAN be stopped if we humans do set our hearts on it.

      We humans have this idea that, “since everyone’s not doing it, why should I?”. In reality, it takes ONLY 1 to put the plan in motion, when 1 starts to care for the environment, many will follow, and throughout time, and change of attitudes, our earth might be able to be saved. (:

  4. before anything else, the brochure is awesome! it shows that how much effort we put to make the brochure, and not to mention we actually gained general knowledge that we might have not bother about if it wasn’t for this assignment

  5. This brochure is so eye-catching! The humans are too selfish to care nothing but ownself. We should be more concern about what we had done to the earth since the earth gave us the chance to rule the world…

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