Of Bears and Bulls

 It was a rather bright and jolly day as 40 students from 2 flamboyant classes gathered in a cosy MPB room awaiting the representatives from British Petroleum. The hush filled the room as En. Zulkifi Othman and his colleague entered the room as the students grew jittery wondering what was in store for them. Nevertheless, the witty representatives from BP undeniably swept the crowd off their feet as they brought out their message on saving the environment in a very commendable manner through a certain Trading Game.

   In this interesting game, students were divided into groups of four. Each student held a role of his or her own. One was to be the boss, another the market analyst, accountant and last but not least the trader. Before the actual game begun, 2 practice rounds were held. And in these rather intriguing practice rounds , teams were handed the task of trading barrels of oil at a large scale virtually . Teams started off with a certain sum of money and limited number of barrels of oil.  At intervals of 40 seconds , teams are thrown a situation at which the market analysis plays a role of deliberating whether to sell or to buy barrels of oil at that point of time after which the accountant carries the responsibility of calculating the profit or loss . The boss oversees the process and gets the trader to literally carry out this trading with the organisers.

   At the end of the two practice rounds , students were able to understand the game better and I must say were pretty much prepared for the final and actual trading round in which every teams ability was tested. The teachers must be thanked as well for having been there gracing the event and making their presence felt by motivating their young ones.


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