Carnival Time!

Hi there! Did you know there’s a carnival atmosphere in Seafield these few days? The students are so caught up with buying and selling, so much so that studying’s taken a back seat. Come recess time, you see them set up their tables and display their wares for all to see. And response has been good. The students and the teachers are buying everything up.

Now, where did all these students learn to be so business savvy? I suspect something they learnt from their Trading Games classes. They buy low and they sell high. They buy in bulk and they made a clean profit selling at attractive prices. They urge and they beg and they offer incentives and so you buy from them. You are happy and they are happy. They think of all sorts of things to sell and serve and you have to say they are good.

And what’s all these for? It’s for new toilets, in case you don’t know. The money raised from the Carnival proper which will be held this Saturday, 10th July 2010 beginning 8 am will be used to build first class washrooms for the students. They will be spick and span, well ventilated, fitted with quality faucets and basins and bowls and spray-fragranced (if there’s such a word)!

So far, we are very well on the way towards our target of raising a mind-boggling 180k! Yes, Seafieldians can do it. That will be no surprise. All for a good cause. Even the parents have chipped in. You can’t ask for more from the PIBG. Will I be seeing you at the Carnival? It’s not to be missed.


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  1. Yes, the school carnival that recently ended was indeed a success. This once again shows us how easily things can be done when we work as a group, it is very obvious that through teamwork and right decisions, everyone can fare quite well in our school carnival. Lets do this again next year shall we Seafield? (:

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