First week of school holiday

During the first week of school holidays, 5.6.10 to 8.6.10, we (Rishika, Brian, Ming Wei and Shania) started on our solar boat at the Kemahiran Hidup workshop (bengkel). Our teacher advisor, Cik Dziatul, robotics expert, Lee Loong Kuan, Phyisics teacher, Pn Goh was there to help us. We started our activities by sketching out plans. After that we decided on what materials to use. We used the materials given by BP and recyclable materials such as bottles, wood and much more.

Guess what are we doing for these 4 days? Rishika started the presentation on her laptop. Brian started to cut and solder the wires to make it shorter so more electricity can pass through the wire and power up the motor while Ming Wei cuts a wood to stick on the foams. After that, Rishika and Shania stuck the solar panels on the wood using a glue gun.

Besides that, we also went to a hardware store at Taipan and Summit to find a few things. How about the new motor and propeller? Do we need it? Yes, we already decide to buy the new one because the motor given by BP could only take about 6V of electricity but we want to use all three solar panels. So, we went to a toy shop and robotic shop but sadly the shops did not sell any motors and propellers. We are still looking the place where we can get our new motor and propeller. Did you know the place to buy these things? If yes, feel free to find us and let us know about it.

We got a lot of experience doing this activity although we need to come to school while other students carry out their own activities with their family. But we never regret it because we are representing SMK Seafield. For us, it was a great holiday. What else can we say? Of course we are happy with the results of our hard work but we know there is still a lot for us to do.
~aja aja fighting ~


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