First, some apologies. After the World Cup Final and the School Carnival and the late nights, I really needed this one week to recover. And I believe you needed it too. I can tell by the sleepy eyes in my classrooms. By the way, pardon me if I appear to be blurbing nonsense in this blog – blame it on hangovers.

So what’s news? I just heard our school Eco Rangers are growing to plant more trees in the compound. Do you know that they have already planted one area with forest trees? I look forward to that day when we can relax and walk beneath the cooling shade of the trees and enjoy the invigorating breeze rustling among the leaves. I’m wondering – if they plant fruit trees, we might even enjoy the fruits during their seasons. By the way, as you walk around the school and along the roads, do look up into the trees. Many of them are blooming with flowers now – red, yellow, blue, white. They are beautiful to behold indeed. Of course, if you don’t look up but down on the road, you only see the litter they made. Then you will only see the negative side of things but not the beauty of nature.

And do you remember the two weeks when we collected newspapers and what-nots for recycling? I heard we got about 2k for that stuff. Just imagine that we have been throwing so much ‘cash’ away all our lives. So guys and gals, buck up and reduce your trash. Just a thought, people are saying that we needn’t buy papers or print out documents anymore, that we should just read online or from the PC. Just wondering (again), does that really help? Yes, we use less paper but we’ll be using more electricity. And electricity is not generated cheaply without great cost to the environment!

Speaking of that, what’s the school’s 5R society doing? Just in case you’re not sure what’s 5R – it means Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repair and Reeducate – I think. I’m sure the letter R can mean many other things in the environmental conservation sense. Can you think of any? If you can, please add your comments to this blog. For example, R can mean Rethink – rethink how to do certain things – instead of writing a few lines of text on a sheet of paper, fill it with more lines of text. Instead of using a new sheet of paper, use the fresh side of a used paper. Yes, all this seems insignificant but they add up over time, over millions of people. So there, give me your feedback, ok?


3 Responses

  1. i gained a lot of knowledge after reading this post. First of all, i didn’t know that the Eco Rangers club members are planting trees or flowers around the school compound. Thumbs up for their efforts!! Secondly, i also didn’t know that we had collected as much as 2k for the recycled stuff. Well done!!
    Replant – We should replant the land.
    Realized – We must realized the fact that our earth is in dangggerrr~

  2. Whoa! What a great job done by Eco Rangers! This planting activity really does help in making the school so much cooler and comfortable for students and teachers. The school also look much more colorful than before thanks to the trees that blooms many many flowers even the bees like it so much that they build their ‘big house’ on one of the tree in the school compound! We are so proud of you guys! 🙂
    Rebuild- rebuild a world to be green again.

  3. After i looked at this post, i realized that there are things that are going on in the school that i do not know. Big thanks to those eco ranger that plant the trees, the author of this post and also those students who brought recycled stuff to school!

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