Addressing Climate Change – Pt 2

In recent years, man has been lamenting about the overwhelming heat that is affecting the quality of their performance in their daily activities. We have repeatedly been blaming the Sun for mercilessly shining its unbearable and intolerable heat. Research by meteorologist has proved that the 20th century and the 1990’s were the warmest decade in the past 1000 years. Melting polar ice caps, disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, extreme weathers and diminishing colourful and exotic floras and faunas strengthen and washed away all doubts that our Earth is indeed facing climate change. This global climate change is already contributing numerous discernible impacts which are affecting every one of us. Should we point accusing fingers at Mother Nature for causing us to suffer these staggering consequences? Hence, what is causing this drastic climatic change? How should we as individuals tackle this problem?
Man’s insatiable needs have meant that urban development and agriculture has rudely encroached Mother Earth and all its living components. Deforestation, mushrooming industrial factories, open burning and the significant increase of vehicles on the road are pouring greenhouse gases at a life-threatening rate. In addition, burning fossil fuels releases billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide that has been locked away in the Earth for millions of years. Modernisation has caused the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to increase by 30%, a doubled in their concentration of methane and a 15% increase of nitrous oxide resulting in deadly global warming. This is the culprit that has open the way to the abrupt, unexpected climate change. So, do we still have to wonder the cause for this deteriorating, frightening problem? Has it finally struck us that our greed, ignorance and selfishness are causing ourselves to suffer?
What should we as individuals to put a halt to this problem before it gets out of hand? We need not follow the footsteps of climatic activists Danish who have staged demonstrations to express their stands on the issue of climatic change. As we know the extreme weather phenomena- droughts, tropical cyclones and snowstorms are mainly caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, the best way to tackle this by cutting down our own emission! Firstly, do not waste! We must switch off tights and other electrical appliances when we do not need them. Switching off 5 lights in hallways and rooms when not in use can reduce 400kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year. In addition, by unplugging electronic gadgets like the television, stereo system, the computer after we have used them, can save on electrical consumption by as much as 10% a year. Turning off the tap while brushing our teeth can save several litres of water while a dripping tape can waste enough water to fill a bath in one month. Therefore, by not squandering and eliminating this nasty habit of wasting, only can we ease Mother Nature’s pain but also save money on our water and electricity bills!
Apart from that, recycling is also the key to reduce consumption of greenhouse gases. It does not cause us a lot of trouble to collect recyclable products such as newspaper, magazines, aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic wares. At the end of the week, we can easily send them to recycling centres situated within a stone’s throw away from our residence for our convenience. If not we can always keep in touch with the authorities or recycling organisations. This healthy action not only helps ourselves, but also the forests, crop yields and water supplies, the animals in the ecosystem that are endangered and all severely affected by climatic change. Hence, the next time we are throwing away any recyclable items, think twice and next time we are throwing away any recyclable items, think twice and keep in mind the 5R concept, ‘Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair’ and practice the old adage of ‘Waste Not, Want Not.’
Petrol-guzzling and pollutant –emitting machines are known to be the major source of global warming. Therefore, instead of driving individual vehicles, we should car-pool or use alternative ways, for instance public transport. Furthermore, we should walk or ride a bike if our destination is within a kilometre or two away. Besides that, do not speed. Driving faster than 120 kilometres per hour increases fuel consumption by 30% compared to 80km per hour. Moreover, speeding on the road can jeopardize our safety and well-being. In short, although it does not completely eliminate the problem, by lowering fuel consumption, we are reducing our carbon footprint, thus making global warming more manageable.
As smart and responsible consumers, we should make an effort to but environmental-friendly goods. This means we should abstain from non-biodegradable or disposable products. Instead, we should buy products that can be reuse, biodegradable and energy-efficient. We ought to opt for energy-saving light bulbs or better still switch to green electricity! Fitting solar panels on the roof of your home might be quite costly in the beginning but beneficial i the long run. Solar energy is ecologically acceptable and environmental friendly as it does not pollute the environment. Besides, it is always available and does not charge us based on the amount we used not forgetting it does not lead to any side effects like noise or air pollution. Without doubt, the more solar powers we used men less we’ll have to rely on fossil fuels, and this mean lesser contribution to global warming!
Homosapiens-us have conquered the world because of our gifted, supreme intelligence. We have upset the ecosystem; caused Mother Nature thousands of grieves and made sure that nature will never be the same again. Climate change which has been agreed to be a serious threat for mankind is only the tip of the iceberg if we continue our lackadaisal attitude and turn a deaf ear and blind eye to this overwhelming, frightening situation. Nature’s patient has been tried to the limits and now man must be humble before nature and treat it with care for nature is sensitive, manipulative, powerful and unexpected. Therefore, let’s cooperate with one another and ‘pull our socks’ to end this horrible massacre, our own self-destruction before we succumb to its negative repercussions. Together, we can make a difference!
Natty Phoon


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  1. Well , I do agree with the usage of biodegradable products , but would it not be too costly?

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