Our Mascot’s on the way to Ma’Daerah

There is the time of the year when turtles go to their birthplace, you know like salmons, to enjoy the beach and the sun and the waves. Hey, if you think our mascot’s going for a holiday, think again. Turtles have been landing on the coasts of Trengganu and Kelantan for umpteen ages to lay eggs. Unfortunately, poachers steal these eggs and sell them to you for your breakfast of soft-boiled eggs. Huh, I hope you are not guilty of this.

Yes, our mascot has grown up and is going to carry out its God-given duty of propagating the species. Our mascot’s going to a safe place in Pusat Santuari Penyu Ma’Daerah, ahem, not to lay eggs, sorry. Our mascot will lead the Seafield team to glory in Ma’Daerah. Turtles normally lumber up the beach to dig a hole to lay their eggs. Not our mascot. Ours more like the Ninja Turtles. You could ask our mascot (if you see him in Ma’Daerah, Kertih) to show you a few kung fu stance and strikes. Our mascot will inspire and whizz our team through the competition.

Still don’t recognise our mascot? Okay, the CSI team in Seafield has come up with a few mugshots of our mascot, which I attach below. Isn’t our mascot good-looking? Beady eyes that stare into you, a curling of the lips that gives it an adorable smile, bald-headed with a little toupee for the new trend in hairstyles, … Yes, get his autograph if you see him in Kertih.


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