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Our Solar Boat Unveiled!

So far our solar boat project has been kept as secretive as possible, except for the one time when I leaked out about using carbon power for our boat in my post on World Cup Football? Seafield? Guess it’s time to tell you more especially if you have been inquisitively waiting and prying for our ideas, and especially if you are from a rival school reading through these blogs for any leaks.

Through our vast networking which stretch over the seas and the fields (Seafield, get it?), we contacted our sources here and there in those ivory towers, top secret research centres and subterranean bunkers to buy or spy for information on how to design the ultimate solar boat. Then we regrouped and huddled together inside our bengkel behind closed doors to work on our prototype. If you walked past the bengkel during the nights, you could possibly hear the tinkering and the hammering as our young foursome designers tried to produce the prototype.

And the result is as below:

On the first trial run, it sank! But it swam beautifully under water! Yes, we didn’t produce a boat. Instead we came out with a submarine! Our spies must have gotten the wrong information! Now, if they changed the competition to solar submarine, we just might win hands down!

Sorry, wrong photo. No, what did you think? That I was going to show you our superboat? I guess you’ll have to wait till next week when our superboat will be unveiled. (By the way, the photo really does show a remote controlled submarine designed and created by another different batch of creative foursome Seafieldians!)

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