Markets – they are a modern lifestyle statement! We go to the wet markets to buy fresh fish and veg. We go to hypermarkets to window shop. We go to minimarkets to buy groceries. And some go to the stock markets to trade in stocks, futures and unit trusts.

In Seafield, our students also learn about markets. The canteen opens up different stalls to cater to different taste buds. Students join the school cooperative store and learn how to buy and sell and keep stock. In fact, the cooperative store is doing so well it has been able to sponsor many gifts and awards for students and teachers alike.

Then there was the recent school carnival. It was such a success we achieve our target of RM180k! This is before deducting the costs. With the various needs of the school, we hope enough will be left over for building new school toilets. Everyone enjoyed themselves and here are some photos to show the excitement of that day.

Its history now, but recently some of our form 4 students dabbled on the oil market under the BPScience programme. They enjoyed themselves and I’m sure they have learnt some things about this market. It’s wise to hold on to your stocks and even wiser to know when to buy and sell your stocks. If you want to have a go at this game, every year during the Minggu Teknik dan Vokasional, the Economics Panel organizes a simulated game of buying and trading stocks based on the actual Bursa Malaysia. You could sign up and see if you made millions or bore a hole in your pockets!


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